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LHE Hair Removal

How LHE Photoepilation Works

LHE works on the principle of selective photothermalysis but uniquely utilizes both Light and Heat energy to achieve maximum efficiency.

1.The energy level is adjusted prior to the treatment based on the skin type and hair color to ensure maximum safety and efficacy of the epidermis-dermis matrix.

2.Flashes of broad-spectrum light and heat from the LUA (Light Unit Assembly) are applied to the

3.The light selectively targets the melanin in the hair, elevating the temperature of the hair follicle.

4.Heat energy from the LUA is deposited into the skin and conducted down the hair shaft, which further increases the hair follicle temperature needed to coagulate the hair bulge and hair bulb.

5.The combined energy of the light and heat results in subsequent destruction of the hair follicle. A natural process eliminates the destroyed hair.

6.The result is long-term hair removal for hair-free skin.

Photoepilation - Hair Removal in a Whole New Light

Unwanted Hair - A Constant Tedium

Unwanted or excessive hair is a problem that has been affecting people since early times, regardless of age, gender or origin. Each year, over $10 billion are spent on removing unwanted hair utilizing mostly methods that provide short-term or partial results. The most common and affordable methods of hair removal have traditionally been shaving, depilatory creams, waxing and electrolysis -performed either at home or in beauty centers. Over the last decade, laser and light based technologies administered by professionals entered the market, setting new standards for hair removal treatment. Although shown to be highly effective in long-term or reduction of hair, these methods are costly -therefore available only to the few able to afford them. Consumers still face the dilemma of choosing between expensive hair removal treatments with long-term results or opting for more affordable removal methods with short-term results. Until now.


LHE Hair Removal-Out of this World Results with a Down to Earth Investment

Now, there is no longer a need to trade off between performance and price. A new generation in hair removal systems using the unique LHE (Light-Heat Energy) technology enables hair removal from virtually every part of the body (except the eyebrows), safely, quickly and efficiently .A series of several treatments is all it takes for long-lasting removal of excess and unwanted hair and the great feeling accompanied by it. Thanks to the unique technology and very large spot size, each treatment is safe, simple and quick, with virtually no side effects or discomfort. In fact, SpaTouch is so easy and safe to use that it 's the only system of its kind to be cleared by the FDA for self-use by the patient.


LHE Hair Removal is Nothing but Benefits

Safe and Reliable

Selectively targets and destroys only the hair follicles while avoiding high heat levels for the safest light-based treatment available.


Simple and Easy

A plug-and-pulse system that requires no cooling gels or pre-treatment procedures.


Quick Treatment Time

With the biggest spot size around, even large body areas can be treated quickly and efficiently.


Unbeatable Value

The innovative technology makes for a much more efficient and cost-effective system for both the practitioner and the patient.

LHE Hair Removal Services

Head and Face

Upper Lip








Full Face


Back of Neck


Front of Neck


Torso and Arms

Under Arms


Upper Arms


Full Back






Leg and Bikini



Brazilian Bikini






Lower Legs


Full Legs







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